Vector [WFH 51]

Die cast aluminium stove enameled housing with adjustable mounting cradle
High purity anodized aluminium reflector with bright hammered finish for wide beam light distribution
Anti corrosive stainless steel toggles
Heat resistant hingeable toughened glass and silicon gasket assembly
Zinc passivated removable control gear tray with a separate chamber for efficient heat dissipation
IP 65 - Dust, water and insect proof
Suitable for 70/150 W MHL (HIT-DE) lamps for WFZ 51 and 150/250/400 W HPSV(T) and 250/400 W MHL(T) lamps for WFZ 52
Conforms to IS 10322 Part5 / Sec 1:1987

Customer Benefits:
Precise optics for excellent light distribution
IP 65- dust, water and insect proof
Superior aesthetics and user friendly construction Anti-corrosive and vandal proof ensures longer service life
Unique construction for faster heat dissipation and impact proof assembly